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PhD Candidate (Strategy & Business Policy)

Phone (Direct): + 1 608 556 9730

About me

I am a PhD Candidate in Strategy and Business Policy at HEC Paris. I started my PhD in the Fall of 2018 and expect to graduate in May 2023. My dissertation is chaired by Professor Tomasz Obloj (co-chair) and Professor Rodolphe Durand (co-chair).  One of my dissertation essays has recently received Revise & Resubmit at Strategic Management Journal. It is also included in Best Paper Proceedings of the Academy of Management Annual Meeting 2022. My other dissertation essays are included in the program of upcoming AOM Annual Meeting 2022 and SMS Annual Conference 2022. In addition, I have presented at Strategy Science Doctoral Workshop 2021 and at the inaugural Carnegie School of Organizational Learning (CSOL) Academy 2022.

My research interests lie ​at the intersection of corporate strategy, behavioral strategy and corporate governance. ​Specifically, my research investigates behavioral drivers of resource (re)allocation within organizations. Bringing together literatures on the Behavioral Theory of the Firm (BTOF) and firm governance, two of my dissertation essays examine the role of organizational decision-making arrangement and ownership structure as antecedents of managerial propensity to break (or persist) with strategic inertia by changing (or not changing) existing resource allocation patterns. The third dissertation essay explores the effect of human capital characteristics of senior managers in shaping managerial foresight regarding strategic initiatives.