Brian Hill

Senior Researcher, CNRS
CNRS Research Professor, HEC Paris
GREGHEC (CNRS-HEC) and Deparment of Economics and Decision Sciences



After completing studies in mathematics, logic and philosophy, and a period as Assistant Professor of Economics and Decision Sciences at HEC, Brian Hill is now Research Fellow at the French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS) and CNRS Research Professor at HEC Paris, where he teaches courses on decision theory and philosophy. He has been an active researcher in areas of philosophy, logic and economics, with current interests particularly in the field of decision theory. Much of his recent research has focused on what counts as a rational reaction to severe uncertainty or ambiguity, and attempts to marry theoretical insights and tools from economics and philosophy, with an eye on practical consequences for the handling of uncertainty in concrete decisions, such as those involving environmental policy.

In logic and philosophy, he has worked on conditionals, on the dynamics of belief and preference, and on awareness; in the realm of decision, other topics of interest include state-dependent utility, indecisiveness, and social choice in the presence of uncertainty.



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